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Pass, discard cards, “fold” (English Fold – minimize) – refuse to participate in the trade further and discard cards. This is an action during one of the rounds of betting, when a player intentionally refuses to participate in the draw of this distribution by discarding cards.

As a rule, a “pass” (“fold”) is made when the 먹튀검증업체 has “weak” cards with a low probability of a winning combination coinciding. After discarding cards, the player loses all the chips that he previously put in this hand;

Bet sizes

In Texas Hold’em No Limit, players can place bets of any size in each round of betting. However, there is a limit on the minimum bid amount. The size of the minimum reraise is calculated according to the formula:

Size of previous raise + amount for call

For example, you play Texas Hold’em No Limit with $ 1 / $ 2 bets. There were no raises before you. The minimum raise in this case will be $ 4 ($ 2 (which we need to call) + $ 2 (raising the value of the previous bet to us, in our example this is the size of the big blind).

The maximum bid is unlimited. If the size of the bet is equal to the entire stack of the player (stack – the amount of money at the table of the player) – this is called go all-in, or go all-in.Rules for playing preflop, flop, turn and river. Determination of the winner at the showdown.

Preflop Rules for Texas Hold’em No Limit

Trading between players participating in the distribution begins immediately after the blinds are set and cards are dealt to players. Preflop players make bets based only on their own pocket cards. Trading begins with a player who is directly to the left of the player in the big blind. Then, the right to make a decision alternately passes to the following players clockwise.

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