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Know reader, that this question was not unreasonably asked, on the contrary. The amount of tens you mark on your bet makes all the difference in how likely you are to reach the long awaited prize.

The fact that you only place two dozen more on your bet can increase your chances of winning by up to 30 times. Let’s use the Resultado da Mega-Sena, so beloved of the bettors for being considered one of the easiest to reach the prize.

If you place a bet by selecting 15 tens from the card ($ 2.00), your odds of winning are 1 out of 3,268,760. If you play a game with 16 tens (R $ 32,00), adding just one more to your game, the probability of being drawn increases absurdly, it will be 1 in 204,297.

Already if you add two more and instead of 15, mark 17 dozen on your wheel ($ 272.00), you will compete with 1 chance in 24,035. In the latter case, if you score 18 tens (R $ 1,632), the maximum allowed by the Cashier in a Lotof├ícil bet, you will compete with 1 chance at 4,005. That’s right, 1 chance at 4,005. Your chances increase dramatically.

Now imagine playing with 23 tens. I imagine you are thinking two things:

1) “But you just said that you can’t play more than 18 tens on the same card!” You’re right, not in a single card, but if you create a split in several cards, that’s possible!

2) “Wow, but every decade marked the value of the bet rises a lot!” Yes reader, again you are right. But there is a solution not to spend so much playing with dozens more.

And that’s exactly the most amazing thing. If you make a numerical split (we’ll talk about what’s split in another post), you start playing more chances without investing too much. And even better, if you join friends to join a jackpot, the value of the investment in the bet may fall further.

So don’t forget, with every dozen added to your bet, your chances of winning the long awaited prize increase dramatically!

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